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One Milo Inc was formed in 2017, with the closing of it's Seed Investment Round. Founded by brothers, Lawrence & Russell Leigh, launch of One Milo Inc followed an 18 month product development and research initiative for the purpose of creating innovative in vitro diagnostics and the invention of disruptive intellectual property. 


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"Lab tests anywhere with Milo's FDA cleared blood & urine rapid result micro test devices embedded with a patent pending smart ecosystem that intelligently syncs results to the Milo App in minutes."


Milo is disrupting the field of medical diagnostics with it's innovative suite of In Vitro Diagnostic micro-devices that each correspond to a unique lab-grade blood, urine or saliva test. The devices are embedded with FDA cleared rapid-result tests & a patent pending smart ecosystem that wirelessly streams results in minutes to the Milo app. The system allows lab tests to be sold over the counter, integrated with a doctor's office from the point-of-care and to be performed conveniently and economically anytime and anywhere. Milo’s version of rapid result fluid tests, ordinarily performed in labs, are designed to increase ROI for doctors, to be covered by insurance & provide clinical & economic improvements to patient care. 

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Nov 6, 2017

Jan 27, 2018

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