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Perform doctor approved Lab tests anywhere yourself with One Milo's suite of finger-prick blood & urine micro-test devices.

With rapid results on the One Milo App...

Results synced to the One Milo app in minutes.

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Smart Elements 4 Rapid

Self Screening @ Home



Convenient & Cost Effective

Clinical Benefits


Wherever and whenever means early detection, preventive care for wellbeing & better management of chronic conditions.

Tests bought online or at your pharmacy, ordered & approved by your doctor & synced to your electronic medical record.

Convenient replacement for a traditional lab visit, cost effective & covered by insurance.

Behavioral change is the best opportunity for improving your health. 

Our tests...


More diagnostics available on order...

Your personal dashboard


Access your secure dashboard online at any time. Track your results, view your personalised reports and get information on what things mean and how you can make changes.

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Receive results in minutes

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Tracks, trends and archives results

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The One Milo Ecosystem 

Order a test online, purchase in your pharmacy or order it from your physician.


Order a test


Each kit contains everything you need for your simple finger-prick blood or urine dip test.

Take a fluid sample



Results synced to Smartphone

Test results synced wirelessly to the One

Milo smartphone app within minutes.



Tele-medicine: Sharing results

One Milo's product ecosystem includes Tele-Medicine for instant reporting of diagnostics. Share results with your own Doctor or with over 300 medical professionals in all 50 States. 


Insert strip into the One Milo test device.

Patented One Milo platform devices for 

vertical& lateral flow immunoasays using 

photometry for rapid- results within minutes.

Track results on the One Milo App

The One Milo app tracks, trends & 

archives results to the cloud using a patent pending smart ecosystem designed to allow Lab tests anytime & anywhere.

Population Health & Health Risk Assessments (HRA's)


The product ecosystem extends from diagnostic chemistry, smart devices to a real-time platform for reporting vitals of population health and clinical analytics with risk assessments for employers and health systems.

HIPAA & DPD Compliant. We take security very seriously and work hard to make sure you have complete control over your data.